On the road between Johannesburg and Kruger NP

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Chilly, dry and yellow August in South Africa… It is so nice and relaxing to drive empty roads, stare amazing scenery, make stops to see beautiful places, eat fantastic pancakes (I do not how they make them soooo delicious really). Forget everything that bothers you, just breath that incredible air, feel that incredible moment, look forward to adventures, enjoy Africa… Love it, miss …


Walking on the Clouds

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The most incredible sunset I have ever sett.  After some hours of an exhausting hiking we reached the edge of a huge shrouded in mist caldera of dangerous Rinjani. The mist was so dense that we could hardly saw each other. It took no more that half an hour for the Nature to play her great performance – big heavy clouds began …

Temple near Mount Bromo

Hiking Mount Bromo, Indonesia

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Smoky, unpredictable and very dangerous – Mount Bromo, an active volcano in East Java. A landscape around looks severely and unfriendly, you feel very anxious there. At the same time Bromo is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia. It is very easy to hike to caldera and look inside it…

Lausanne swans

Swans on Lac Leman, Lausanne

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Charming waterfront area in Lausanne is a very nice place to walk or have picnic with friends. All over the city you can see signs to Ouchy and that is how locals call the central area near the lake. Every day a lot of swans come there to get some food. They are amazingly adorable, friendly and sometimes quite persistent)

Rainy season at Angkor Wat

Rainy season at Angkor Wat

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The most people imagine a beautiful colourful picture with the bright blue sky above the beautifull temple when we talk about Angkor Wat. But how does this amazing temple look when the rainy season comes to Cambodia? Many people are really not sure if it worth to travel there in wet season. One of my visit to Angkor was in late September, the end of the …